Mission / CEO

Our goal is to offer our clients dependable and effective distribution services for aircraft parts. In addition to providing exceptional customer service and technical proficiency, we work hard to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in every aspect of our operations. Our objective is to develop enduring relationships with our clients while ensuring prompt part deliveries and reducing aircraft downtime. While supporting the expansion and progress of the aviation community, we are dedicated to ongoing innovation and improvement in our field.
Our CEO – Troy Palmer
Troy has been in the industry since 1995. He's been very successful with his past company Global Parts. Aero launched in 2003 and selling to a public traded company in 2021. He prides himself on relationships and partnerships that formed during his 27 years in the aviation industry. With a passion for new programs and opportunities, he's always been an integral part of the company's growth and expansion of further opportunities. Over the years, he has become highly regarded for his familiarity and expertise in general aviation for the distribution, repair, and overhaul of components.
His key accomplishments include but not limited to:
2003 – 2007 - Authorized Distributor for Raytheon Aircraft Company Legacy Division.
2007 - Legacy Hawker & Beechcraft Legacy Division purchased (64K+ line items of inventory).
2008 - Distribution grows through addition of product lines and distributorships.
2012 - Part 145 Component repair shop started.
2013 - Build to Print CNC machine shop established.
2013 – Negotiate with Hawker Beechcraft to buy the Hawker 4000 and Premier 200 Type Certificate (Textron bought the company instead).
2013 – Licensed by Ontic on Oxygen bottle program.
2014 - Part 145 structural repair shop formed.
2014 – Bought the Meyer 200 and Interceptor 400 Type Certificate.
2015 - 7-year Legacy Learjet 20/30/55 support contract with Learjet/Bombardier.
2016 - Legacy Learjet Support Program and Collaboration Agreement with Bombardier commences.
2016 – 2021 – won support contracts for government contracts, negotiated OEM repair agreements, added several consignment inventories.
2021 – Sold Global Parts.Aero to VSE Aviation.
2023 – Launched Aircraft Parts Distribution.