Our Services

Sourcing and Procurement

We will source and procure aircraft parts for your clients. This involves establishing relationships with reputable suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure the availability and quality of the required parts. You should have a wide network of contacts within the aviation industry to access a broad range of parts.

Auction Platform

Our unique auction platform allows you to buy and sell aircraft parts with ease. Whether you are an individual seller, a maintenance facility, or an aircraft parts distributor, our platform provides a transparent and efficient way to connect buyers and sellers, facilitating smooth transactions.

Consignment Inventory

We understand that managing inventory can be a challenge for many operators. To alleviate this burden, we offer consignment inventory services. Through this program, we store and manage your inventory on-site, reducing your holding costs and optimizing your operational efficiency.  We don’t charge any fees for stocking the inventory.

Repair and Overhaul

In addition to parts distribution, we collaborate with certified repair stations and overhaul facilities to provide repair and overhaul services for various aircraft components. Our team ensures that all repairs and overhauls are done to the highest industry standards, enhancing the lifespan and performance of the parts.