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Factors to Consider when Buying Aircraft Parts

Buying parts profitably is more than just price consideration, below are other factors that buyers must consider when buying aircraft parts.

Factors to consider include:

Supply and Demand

Knowing how scarce or rare an aircraft part is can really help drive up the value. Try and identify how many quotes are out there monthly and what availability (quantity) is available. A good example would be for older legacy aircraft parts that are Serviceable (SV), Repaired (RP), Overhauled (OH) and As Removed (AR). Industry websites like  https://www.ilsmart.com and https://www.partsbase.com/ sell data that can help identify supply and demand for specific aircraft parts based on their own traffic. However, speaking to other vendors, getting quotes from multiple sources can be invaluable in identifying the best price.

Condition of Aircraft Part

Generally speaking, an Overhauled (OH) part is more expensive than a Repaired (RP) or Serviceable (SV) unit. Primarily because it comes with an FAA Certificate 8130 that states the aircraft part is in good enough condition to operate safely in the USA. Overhauled parts also come with the knowledge of when the next OH is needed, so no surprises unlike an SV unit that may need an urgent OH after purchase.


It goes without saying that trace paperwork are now a prerequisite to any sale.  All end users wants to ensure that the aircraft the parts came from were not from an sanctioned aircraft and or involved in a crash. Both of these situations can have very serious implications, resulting in fines, suspensions or damage to your business reputation. Without the correct paperwork the value of the parts can be considerably reduced.


Ensuring you double check the location of parts prior to purchasing ensures you have an accurate lead time and a better knowledge of any additional costs. Sometimes plane parts can be located in Countries that may need special freight forwarding specialists and lengthy lead times.


Buying from reputable sources gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your supplier or aircraft parts distributor is dedicated to your success and will ship on time with the correct paperwork means a lot. Quite often our reputation is based on ensuring that we do our due diligence and ensure that we buy only parts that come from high quality sources with the correct trace certs and or FAA 8130 demonstrating the parts are airworthy.


Sometimes it’s worth paying that little extra for a 12-month or two-year warranty.  Knowing that if the part fails not only are you covered (do not have to purchase another) but also you don’t have to find another vendor and end up paying twice increasing costs and aircraft downtime. Getting a 12-month warranty (for example) on SV and RP conditioned parts, is nice coverage to have.

Restocking Fees

Occasionally we order the wrong part or find out we had the part in stock after the purchase. In many cases we want to return the parts to the vendor. Ensure that you understand these costs and whether you feel that these costs are fair and reasonable. Sometimes the restocking fee makes it impossible to return the part leaving you with additional inventory on the shelf.

Customer Service

It can be very frustrating when we need to talk to a customer service rep and they are not available by phone and or nobody is responding to your emails. Quite often the best companies to buy from are the ones that have a passion for customer service and are available to answer your questions!


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